Guitar Hero III Les Paul mod

Abby McVay - Jan 7, 2008

With everyone away at CES, someone has to hold down the fort and cover the more underground creations that likely will never make their way to the large conventions. This Les Paul mod is definitely one of a kind and unique enough for me to check my bank account and sigh with defeat.

The guitar was made by the seller leifkicker. They used an apoxie clay over the controller, which has a plastic like strength and can hold up to a bit of use. The guitar was then covered with three layers of clear coat to protect the finish.

guitar hero les paul mod

The guitar is currently being sold on eBay. As with all Les Pauls it will work with the Xbox versions of Guitar Hero II and III as well as Rock Band. The set also includes Guitar Hero III as well as the usual stickers and guitar strap. It still has 6 days and 15 hours and it is already up to $142.50, I’ll be curious what it reaches by the time it is sold.

A Bad Ass Custom Guitar Hero III Controller
[via hawtymcbloggy]

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