Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 casting calls for beautiful women and odd men

A bit of outrage has been prematurely sparked this week as the first casting call for extras on Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is sent out. While this first casting release calls for "beautiful/model aliens – MEN and WOMEN" and "Character Aliens – MEN (only)", it also calls for "BALD WOMEN" separately – and is, of course, only the first of MANY such casting calls that'll be revealed over the next few weeks and months. Director James Gunn took to Twitter to stem the influx of negative outcry over the situation this morning.

First – the odd men. This casting calls for a set of men that'll be part of a "Galaxy Gang" – which we know from Gunn to be the Ravagers, back again for more miscreant behavior and chasing of our hero Star Lord. As there are no women in the Ravagers (at any point in the history of their existence) – at least not just as an extra, inconsequential role – the following casting should be right on point.

The casting calls for men with the following qualities: "tough, rough, and some biker types, quirky types, thin/gaunt faces, unique features, long necks, crooked/unique noses, imperfect teeth, strong facial bone structures/intense, amputees, bald or long(er) hair, facial hair or clean shaven, etc."

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Many of these types "could be painted (head/arms) or in prosthetics/make-up for the film" according to the call.

The call for bald women suggests that "women who are BALD or very close to bald and/or willing to shave their heads to be completely bald" should expect that they may be "painted (head/arms) or in prosthetics/make-up for the film".

Then there's the casting category that has a number of fans in an uproar – the call for "very attractive, physically fit, slender, or thin" men and women.

This casting category calls for Men who are 5'11 and taller with "good/clear/smooth skin" as well as Women 5'7 and taller with "good/clear/smooth skin".

You can see the full call for this casting in Atlanta Metro as provided by Tammy Smith Casting.

"There are DOZENS of creatures in GotGVol2," suggested Gunn this morning. "These are the 1st two we're shooting (the Ravagers are all male)."

One fan at Podcast Film Chat responded to the casting call suggesting that it meant "only sexy lady aliens allowed" for the film, going on to suggest that fans "demand funny looking woman aliens in GotG2."

"Again, two groups of many," replied Gunn. "There are plenty of funny looking female aliens. These are just a small percentage of extras."