Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer 2 spreads the details

The second "full" Guardians of the Galaxy trailer has been released today. This trailer goes into further detail on the tenor of the film, showing a bit more action than previous releases, running in at just over 3 minutes long. You'll also get a better idea of what final effects shots will look like.

Of course there's a bit of run over – that same scene in which Chris Pratt steals an orb, only to be captured and disrespected by hunters – that's still there. You also get to hear Bradley Cooper speak as the raccoon for the first time – and it fits!

You'll find the character Ronan for the first time. This is a fellow who is essentially controlled by the master Thanos, appearing here as a simple cloaked figure. You might also see Thanos for a mere moment – look for purple light!

The hero image on this article shows the planet (massive skull) known as Knowhere. That's where The Collector lives – that's the head of an unidentified Celestial, and a place we're expecting to "head" back to more than once by the time the next Avengers movie rolls around.

Finally, don't forget to spot Glenn Close as Nova Prime. That's like SHIELD, but out in space. If this trailer doesn't make the film look fun to you, we're at a loss.