Grumpy Cat To Be Voiced By Aubrey Plaza: Real Life Grumpy Actress

Rumored then seemingly confirmed by Plaza herself, a Lifetime Movie about the grumpiest of Memes is set to have Aubrey Plaza play its lead. Grumpy Cat will be voiced by the grumpiest of actresses, the woman who plays April Ludgate on the television show Parks and Recreation. The stars have aligned and the cat will have its true voice.

The second-best casting choice of all time was in place for this cat up until very recently. That was Jane Lynch. The following clip has Jane Lynch speaking about Odor Elimination for Funny or Die and Febreze.

The switch was made for reasons we can't confirm – and choose not to report – because the most important bit comes in Plaza's appointment. The script for this film was written by Jeff Morris and Tim Hill of SponeBob SquarePants fame, and it's about a cat and a 12-year-old girl. The girl is the only one who can speak with Grumpy Cat and they become friends.

It'll be very emotional and fun and funny.

The real life Grumpy Cat's name is Tardar Sauce, and that seems to be the name that'll stick through this film as well.

Below you'll see Plaza in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. That's a big-time movie from the year 2010.

Confirmation comes from Plaza's official Twitter account where she posts a Grumpy Cat meme last night, back when the rumor began.

The movie will be premiering on television. Real cable TV, on Lifetime TV, on November 29th, 2014 at 8PM Eastern Time. It'll apparently also be appearing at 8PM Pacific Time – maybe just played once right after its first run.

Until then you'll want to catch the movie theater movie Life After Beth – there's plenty of blood, and zombie goodness!