Griffin Woogie 2 demands your cuddles

Geeks, cease your pacing restlessness: the Griffin Woogie 2 is here! Follow up to the surprisingly successful – and, near the holidays, darned tricky to find in stores – Woogie of 2010, the toddler-targeted huggable iPhone and iPod touch case now gains a personality thanks to the companion Woogie app, adding ten faces that respond to tickling, shaking and lovely warm cuddles.

Tickle the Woogie 2, and the characters laugh; shake it and they get dizzy. It can also repeat words and phrases – with the option to turn that feature off, if you're getting sick of the parroting – and if you leave it alone the characters fall asleep.

As before, the soft-stuffed furry legs make the iPhone easy to prop up for a child to tap at, and a clear plastic window gives the touchscreen some protection while still including headphone socket access. You can download the Woogie app free here [iTunes link].

The original Woogie was a fond favorite of Avi Greengart, appearing in two successive last-minute holiday gift guides. The new Woogie 2 is available for order now, in blue or pink, priced at $19.99.