Griffin + Threadless Folio for iPad Review

This week we've got our hands on one of the newest series of iPad covers from the extended iPhone and iPad case series made by Griffin in collaboration with Threadless! This lovely Folio is a now-classic design by Griffin working with the artwork of Jeremy Todd, with the design on the front and back being called "City Canals." This design was made by Jeremy Todd for Threadless (and Griffin) in Chicago, and as a bit of a bonus you've got the option of downloading a perfectly sized wallpaper for your iPad to match – it's the total package!

Of course you'll want to know that you're being protected here, even if Jeremy Todd (aka GERMATODD) is watching out for you fashionably. Griffin has created a case here that protects your iPad from general drops with a relatively hard back and front, and leathery material through the middle. You can fold the folio shut for carrying, back for lying flat, and right up under its back-facing notch for a stand-like situation. The whole thing is a fab conglomeration, and the artwork makes it all the better.

In closed position:

Working like a stand:

Demonstrating close-up charm:

Have a peek above and below at some action shots of this lovely example of industrial design and artist collaboration, and head on over to Griffin to pick one up for yourself for $49.99. They've also got several iPhone cases for the iPhone 4/4S, and the collection extends back beyond this most current set of designs as well. Have a peek at our Griffin portal for more news and products from the big G, and head to the timeline below to see what's come up recently on these lovely manufacturers of wonderful things.