Griffin MIDIConnect drops for keyboard-inclined iPad lovers

The folks at Griffin have come correct once again with a new accessory for the iPad, the Griffin MIDIConnect, made specifically for those wishing to make the best of their midi-able apps. This device connects through your standard 30-pin dock connector on your iPad, iPad 2, or 3rd Gen iPad, and has both MIDI IN and MIDI OUT ports. Both ports are industry-standard 5-pin DIN connectors and are compatible with most MIDI cables and connectors on the market today.

This accessory is able to work with the iPad and is also compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch as well. You'll be able to use the iOS GarageBand app if you like, or there's a vast collection of other MIDI-ready apps available throughout the iTunes store that work with this device as well. The cord that reaches between your iDevice and the MIDIConnect hub is 12.5-inches (32 cm) and you'll be able to use the device with iPhone 3G and above as well as iPod touch 2nd Gen and above as well.

Have a peek at both of the fabulous videos created for this accessory – Griffin regularly does a bang-up job of promoting their devices such as this, and this of course is no exception! Above you'll see more of a commercial sort of situation, while below you'll find a how-to video (though it's so very easy it's almost a goof that you'd need directions!)

Below also have a peek at the timeline of Griffin posts from the past few weeks and months and, if you're in London especially, head down to your local Griffin store today! This device will run you $79.99 and is in stock today!