Griffin Crayola Light Marker ships

Back in January during CES 2013, we spent a little bit of hands-on time with the Griffin Crayola Light Marker. This product looks like a Crayola branded marker that you or your kids might use to draw pictures. Anyone that has kids knows how messy marker artwork can get. The mess not only gets on anything lying on the table or desk around the artwork, but on your children's skin as well.

The cool part about the Crayola Light Marker is that your kids don't need any paper and the marker never dries out or makes a mess. As the name implies, it uses light to allow your kids to draw directly on the screen of your iPad. The marker works in conjunction with a special Crayola app that has a number of features and games for kids to enjoy.

The app features a Hide 'N Seek game where kids use the markers a flashlight to shine around the scene looking for specific objects. One features that kids will definitely like is Free Draw where they can draw anything they want using various digital colors. The app also offers coloring pages with pre-drawn images kids can digitally color.

Other features of the app include Dot to Dot that lets pictures appear as the kids connect the dots. Splatter Paint is another activity in the app where kids can use the marker to pop balloons and splatter paint on the background. The activity app also includes also feature allowing kids to build little jigsaw puzzles. The Crayola Light Marker also comes with a tablet holder to prop the tablet up for play in the Marker gets power from a single AA battery. The Crayola Light Marker is available for purchase now for $29.99.

[via Griffin Technology]