GRID 2 LiveRoutes juggles tracks to prevent race deja vu

We've talked about GRID 2 before, but a new feature that developer Codemasters is showing off today is called LiveRoutes, and it aims to make sure that you never experience the same track twice, meaning that while there are a set number of tracks, the game will randomly change the turns on the track in order to change up the route.

LiveRoutes is a system in that game that dynamically alters the upcoming part of a race course in order to keep gamers/drivers on their toes. It accomplishes this by streaming a section of the race track further in front of you, changing the turns randomly, as well as changing detailed elements like crowds, signage, barriers, and even the road surface.

Not every track in the game supports LiveRoutes, so there will be some races where you'll race the same route more than once, but either way it seems Codemasters wants to test a gamer's reaction time rather than their ability to memorize a course, which we can see both sides to the argument, but a crucial factor in winning a race is knowing the course and all the turns that it has.

We're curious if gamers will be able to turn off LiveRoutes in the game, because there are certain to be a lot of gamers that won't take too kindly to this new feature. Nonetheless, GRID 2 will be out on May 28 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. If you want to learn more about the game's multiplayer, Codemasters detailed all that earlier last month.