GRID 2 trailer shows off multiplayer and YouTube uploads

We've mentioned GRID 2 before, and it's scheduled to release on May 28, which is just a month-and-a-half away. In the meantime, Codemasters is teasing us by revealing some of the features that we can expect to show up in the game once it's released, including all the goodies that we'll get in the game's multiplayer.

The trailer, which focuses on multiplayer components shows off the leaderboards, meaning that you should get ready for some fierce competition. When entering a multiplayer race, gamers will be assigned to other competitors with the same skill level as you, in order to enforce as strict of a fair playing field as possible. However, you can also manually race against someone, like a friend.

Codemasters is calling this entire system "RaceNet," which the developer says will be a huge part of GRID 2's multiplayer. Gamers will also be able to record video and upload it straight to YouTube for all to watch as you take down your friends in the game. The multiplayer will also feature weekly challenges that you'll be able to compete in.

The trailer also gives us a glimpse at the variety of cars and tracks that will be available in the game. GRID 2 will use real locations — just like in the original GRID — but more tracks in the new game will be made from public modes, meaning that you'll be able to race around Chicago or swerve your way through the woods, instead of just official closed courses like in the first GRID.