GRID 2 coming with performance upgrades in online multiplayer

We've heard a lot about GRID 2 in the past couple of months, including some of the new features coming in the game, such as LiveRoutes and the ability to record gameplay and upload it to YouTube. However, it seems that's just the tip of the iceberg as developer Codemasters has revealed that performance upgrades are heading to the new racing game.

Developers Clive Moody and Iain Smith were gracious enough to answer fan questions over on Jalopnik, and several questions revolved around the possibility of performance upgrades and modifications on cars. Both devs said that custom liveries would be making a reappearance in the game, as well as performance upgrades for the first time, but they'll only be available in online multiplayer it seems.

Smith says that Codemasters is "bringing in an upgrade system to improve your performance and modify things like ride height and wheel size." Furthermore, "the genuine mechanical upgrades will affect performance as you'd expect and help you take on the competition." Smith nor Moody offered anymore details on car upgrades, but from the details that they did provide, it seems like you won't be able to modify anything drastic like the engine or change out body kits.

However, it'll at least be more than what was offered in the original GRID installment, where the only customization you could make to your car was slap a livery on it and change around the decals. That was fun, of course, but we ultimately missed the ability the fine tune various aspects of the car, as well upgrade the performance.

GRID 2 hits stores on May 28, which is closely approaching, and it'll be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. We've talked about some of the new features before, including LiveRoutes, which is something that randomly changes the course of the race track to make sure drivers stay on their toes. We also talked about different aspects of multiplayer, including achievements, challenges, and improved leaderboards.

SOURCE: Jalopnik