Green OLED tech doubles light efficiency

Japanese OLED researchers have developed a green phosphor-based panel with twice the efficiency of existing OLEDs.  The green OLED has light-extraction efficiency boosted to 56.9-percent, up to 210lm/W, and could be used in OLED displays and lighting.

The panel is the work of the Mikami lab at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Japan.  Existing OLED devices demonstrate efficiency rates of under 30-percent; the new technology couples an OLED substrate with a high-refractive glass plate that increases light-extraction efficiency by 2.3 times.

While high-refractive glass plates aren't new, the Mikami development was in a software tool that can calculate and predict optical behaviors, matching the best plate to the best OLED substrate.  Called FROLED, it estimates theoretical efficiency levels of 75-percent, three times greater than before, which the team believes may be reachable with improvements in manufacturing technology.

[via OLED-Info]