Green Man Gaming offers transparency to alleviate concerns

Yesterday we talked about Green Man Gaming, and their questionable key sales. In case you missed it, people have been ordering keys from the site, and receiving different versions of a game, or sometimes even an invalid key. Activision and Ubisoft confirmed that GMG is not an authorized reseller of their games, which leaves people wondering where the keys are coming from. Well, the company responded today by adding a little bit of transparency to things.

To offer up that transparency, Green Man Gaming has decided to add two new pieces of information on every game they sell. First, is the expected delivery date of a game. Most recently people who purchased Battlefront were dismayed to find that they did not receive a key on the day the game was launched. This will hopefully prevent that issue in the future. After all, it's nice to know exactly when you're going to receive something you purchased.

The second item that's being added is the source of the key you're purchasing. So far, it looks like there are only two options for this. They will either list the publisher (or developer) of the game, or it will simply say "Authorised Distributor." The first obviously means that GMG acquired the game directly from the source. The second means that they purchased the keys through some other retailer/distributor.

Some users are still upset that they aren't being more clear about what an authorised distributor is. I don't think that detail is important, honestly. Most retailers go through a variety of distributors, and they rarely disclose that information. Just the fact that GMG is stating that they are not getting certain keys directly from the source is a good step toward giving customers the transparency that they want.