Green Man Gaming under fire for potentially unauthorized sales

In this day and age, when you want the best deal, you don't need to drive around to multiple stores to check their prices. You just hop online, browse your favorite sites, and in a few minutes, you've found the lowest price. Sure, there's a chance that you'll stumble onto a site that you've never heard of, but as long as you stick to the big names, you won't have any trouble getting your order filled. However, what happens when one of the big sites starts showing signs of questionable practices.

I've bought more than a few games from Green Man Gaming in the past. They've always had good prices, and a good reputation. However, recently people have been complaining that they keys they've received for certain games have had inconstant quality. Some might have certain DLC, while others might not even work at all.

This with The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, and then happened again when Black Ops 3 came out earlier this month. Users reported receiving one of three different types of keys. If you bought a key, you might get just the base game, or the base game with the NukeTown DLC, or even worse, a key that just plain didn't work. When Activision was contacted, they responded by saying that Green Man Gaming was not an authorized retailer.

Activision isn't the only publisher that claims GMG isn't authorized to sell their games. Ubisoft is also claiming the same thing, despite Assassin's Creed Syndicate clearly being listed for sale. Other publishers such as EA, Bethesda, WB Games, Devolver Digital and ArenaNet games have confirmed that Green Man Gaming is authorized to sell their titles.

VIA: Destructoid