GRAY aims to "transform" Apple Watch with torched titanium

An Apple Watch case collection called RESKAR was revealed by the folks at GRAY this week. The accessories don't exactly change the way the user wears an Apple Watch, and the device still remains a watch. But if ever there were a set of watchbands and encasement elements for Apple Watch that made the device look like a different machine altogether – this is it.

The folks at GRAY have an interesting collection of both bands and cases for the Apple Watch, with prices that range from $149 all the way up to $1299 USD. Depending on the way you want your Apple Watch to look, and the materials with which you want to carry and surround your Apple Watch, GRAY has some unique ideas for your cash.

The case they've released this week is the RESKAR, a combination of a case and a band for Apple Watch generations 4, 5, and 6. The RESKAR case appears in Titanium and CARBODYNE, in a variety of colors.

NOTE: The branding is in all CAPS, but from this point forward in the article we're going to make it easier on your eyes and only capitalize the first letter of the branding, just FYI.

Carbodyne is a Reskar creation – made with carbon fiber sheets that are approximately 0.1mm thick, layered up in three different directions throughout the case. The layers create a "wavy, wood-grain shimmer unlike ordinary carbon fiber."

The Carbodyne in Orange comes with an orange band, and that'll cost you approximately $1100 USD. There's also a black Carbodyne with a black band for the same price.

The Reskar Titanium series comes in standard Titanium, Stealth, Gold, and Aurora. The whole set is CNC Machined from Aerospace Grade Titanium (6A|4V) and given a "mechanically textured surface finish". Each of the Titanium watch cases comes with a Black FKM Watch Band in two sizes (both "similar sizing" to the original Apple Watch Bands.)

The Gold Titanium has Gold PVD Coating, and Stealth has Black PVD Coating. Each of the Aurora Titanium cases has an "Individually Hand Torched Aurora Finish." Each case is limited to 500 units worldwide, forever. Each Titanium Reskar case will cost you around $1100 USD, save the Aurora, which will cost closer to $1300 USD.

Of the many different ways one can modify and/or accentuate the look of the Apple Watch, which do you prefer? Or do you believe that the Apple Watch is already fine as-is, with Apple's own industrial design all on its own?