Grand Theft Auto V soundtrack appears on iTunes and Google Play

The team at RockStar games have wasted no time capitalizing on the popularity of not only the game Grand Theft Auto V itself, but the music gamers are able to listen to inside the vehicles of the game. This is otherwise known as GTA Radio, having become a rather interesting side-project and powerful result of the GTA Effect – aka the opening up of games to an "open sandbox" bit of gameplay allowing the user to make the game what they want it to be. It's also part of the ever-expanding world of in-game earning, though in this case you'll need to actually exit the game to purchase each individual track.

Don't get it twisted: "The Music of Grand Theft Auto V" is not an in-game purchase. You'll actually be purchasing real digital music tracks in the real world – great for adding to your Grand Theft Auto V (or GTA5 if you prefer) collection of compliments to your IRL existence. The only danger then is your tendency to drive like a maniac when you've got these tunes playing in your real car.

Meanwhile the makers of GTAV are working on an issue in-game where users parking their automobiles in garages results in the complete disappearance of said vehicles. Instead you may just want to keep driving for hours or days until the fix is in, listening to the cool sounds of Twin Shadow, Flying Lotus, and Lee "Scratch" Perry may be your more positive alternative.

Or if you accidentally crash your in-game car only to see it explode, you might want to take a break until the fix is in. Therein lies a perfect use-case scenario for "The Music of Grand Theft Auto V", ready to roll through your stereo. There are several options for picking up the soundtrack, one of which is a Volume 1: Original Music, another a Volume 2: The Score, and a third Volume 3: The Soundtrack. Each of these albums (18, 22, and 19 tracks) goes for $9.49 on Google Play, while there's a 59-track album for $24.99 up on iTunes. You do the math.

This album collection's full set of track listings can be found at RockStar music, while more info on Grand Theft Auto V can be found below than you'll know what to do with. Both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of GTAV are out now, while the PC version has not yet been announced.