Gotham City Impostors launched, Batman FPS chaos ensues

One of the wackiest looking and feeling games to have been released in what seems like forever has been officially brought out of Beta yesterday and today, rolling out to the PC, Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 in turn. This game is a download-only game but looks to be a gigantic bash of a good time hit as the waves created by the smash hit game Gotham City is scooped up here in a comedic rendition of what would happen if Batman was no more. It's a first person shooter this time around, Batfriends, and noone is safe!

The storyline here is loosely based around the idea that Batman impersonators would certainly take to the streets if Batman ever went missing (it's happened before!) and tossing in a whole clown-car full of Junior Jokerz, this game blows the top off of what was established in Gotham City and pours a bunch of hot sauce into it. Inside the game you've got the option of playing to your own skillset and are able to turn your character in to whatever you want it to be – hair, weapons, makeup and all!

If you're unable to see this game in your download area for any of the platforms you've got right this moment, just wait! This game is slated for yesterday and today and is being rolled out to each system as they're prepared to bring the fun! Meanwhile we've got the game here and are testing it out tonight – so get ready for some fun in the interim if you're up for it!