GoPro's new president unveiled: Tony Bates

In Early March, word surfaced that Microsoft Executive Vice President of Business Development and Evangelism Tony Bates would be departing the company, something rumored to result from a spat revolving around the appointment of Satya Nadella as CEO. At the time, it was said Bates was being sought as CEO of GoPro, something that has become official today.

Bates, who was said to have been one of many possible candidates to replace former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, has made a transition to the sports-centric camera company GoPro, taking the reigns as company CEO. Alongside his appointment was an announcement that Peter Gotcher is also on board as part of the Audit Committee.

Bates praised GoPro and expressed excitement for his new position, saying in part: "Working for a technology company that creates products that people love and that capture life's magical moments is a dream come true."

The appointment for both individuals is effective immediately. From his new position as CEO, Bates has been tasked with focusing on GoPro's "core business", as well as working to scale the company's various media operations.

SOURCE: PRNewswire