GoPro and an insane kayaker paddle down a 60-foot waterfall

All sorts of insane stunts and other cool self-shot video turns up on YouTube each month. One of the most common cameras used to capture the extreme sports antics is the GoPro. Recently a kayaker named Dane Jackson took his GoPro on an interesting river ride.

Dane strapped the GoPro camera to his body, climbed up a cliff to get to the river up top, and then paddled down the waterfall. This isn't some tiny waterfall mind you; it has a 60-foot drop to the water below.

One of the coolest things about the video to me is that he tries to control the direction of his kayak all the way down the 60-foot water filled drop. The video captures what it looks like to be surrounded by water and then hit the surface of the river below.

I can't tell if at the end he and his kayak go under the surface of the water for a few seconds or if he is just stuck inside the water barreling down from above for a bit. Check out the video for yourself and see what you think.

SOURCE: Mashable