Google's Schmidt: Android and Chrome OS not converging

It seemed like a real possibility when Android chief Andy Rubin stepped down, while the Chrome OS chief took over, but as expected, it still doesn't look like Android and Chrome OS will be merging any time soon, according to Google chairman and former CEO Eric Schmidt, who broke the sad news to attendees at Google's Big Tent event in India.

We knew it was a long shot anyway, but with the sudden departure of Rubin and Chrome OS head Sundar Pichai stepping in, our curiosity jumped to staggering levels. However, Schmidt says that Android and Chrome OS will remain separate for a long time, and there are no current plans to converge the two platforms.

We first noticed hints of a possible Android/Chrome OS hybrid when Google unveiled a chrome-laden Android statue on its Mountain View campus back in January. This fired up speculation as to whether or not Google was working to blend the two platforms together, creating an all-new platform from the two.

However, even with Pichai now heading up Android and Chrome OS at once, the two operating systems will remain independent, which isn't too surprising, as Google's Matias Duarte even said that the two platforms both have a future ahead of them as independent projects, so while we may not see the two converge, we can look forward to even more evolution from Android and Chrome OS.

[via Reuters]