Google's satellite plans may include Virgin Galactic investment

It would appear that Google is ramping up their efforts to bring the whole world internet access with a tipped investment in Virgin Galactic. Insiders have let it be known that Virgin Galactic is in talks with Google to move forth their next wave of space-bound technology. Talks are "likely to lead to a deal" between the two companies, an investment in the space company by Google, and quite a few dollars being moved from one to the other.

Word comes from Sky News where insiders have suggested Google may end up spending $30 million USD for a "small" stake in Virgin Galactic. Google and Virgin Galactic have apparently been in talks for "months" and are reaching a more "advanced stage" of chat now. The deal apparently has to do with a project which would have Google pushing "hundreds" of satellites into low-orbit above the Earth.

These satellites would have Google able to push internet access to people across the earth. It's not clear at this time whether or not Google would send the web to the entire planet for free, or if they'd charge for such access.

While it's possible that this deal has to do with Google's acquisition of Skybox Imaging earlier this week, there's little to be made of the connection beyond their ability to work with satellites for varied causes. Virgin Galactic has thus far worked with rockets and the possibility of bringing commercial flights into space, while Skybox Imaging is mainly about taking photos of the Earth from space.