Google acquiring Skybox Imaging satellite company

This week the folks responsible for picking up companies at Google has announced that they'll be entering outer space with Skybox Imaging. This company is known for its launching of the world's smallest high-resolution imagine satellite – one of many, we must assume for the future. Google will more than likely use its abilities to push forth services like Google Maps with higher-resolutions images of the world.

It's with Google Earth that you're able to zoom in close to your own home from up amongst the heavens – now Google may be aiming to get closer to the business of taking those photos than ever before. Google has made clear their intentions to work with Skybox Imaging technology on Google Maps at first, then on into higher causes.

Google and Skybox Imaging have suggested that they're intending to – one day – work with these technologies in space to "help improve Internet access and disaster relief – areas Google has long been interested in." Skybox Imaging suggests that "in the short term, it will continue to be business as usual" – before the group is acquired by Google officially.

The deal is not yet entirely closed – receipt of regulatory approvals is still necessary in the United States. Once approvals are made, Google plans on buying Skybox Imaging for $500 million USD in cash. This price is subject to adjustments.

VIA: Google, Skybox Imaging