Google's latest diversity numbers show very little change

Google has been working to diversify its workforce for a couple years, and it recently released the latest numbers on its efforts. Unfortunately, not much changed last year in comparison to 2014. The number of non-white and non-Asian U.S. employees scarcely budged, for example, with Hispanics accounting for 3-percent of the workforce and African Americans accounting for 2-percent. The company's overall number of female workers increased a whole 1-percent over 2014.

Google released the new numbers yesterday. In 2015, the company saw Asians account for 32-percent of its employees and white individuals make up 59-percent (in the U.S). In 2014, Google had 628 black employees; last year it increased that number to 880 employees, while Hispanic workers grew from 1428 to 1782. Individuals identified as multiracial increased from 636 to 712.

In total, Google's U.S. workforce hit 38,670 individuals in 2015. Speaking to Reuters, Google diversity coordinator Yolanda Mangolini said, "It's a journey. We're a 60,000 person company and culture change takes time." There are said to have been other small but impactful changes at the company that didn't make their way into the statistics.

Google isn't the only company to shed light on its diversity levels; others including Facebook and Pinterest have done similar, with many making pledges to increase the diversity of their workforces and offer better opportunities to underrepresented groups.

SOURCE: Reuters