Google's Field Trip app now available on iOS

You may remember back in September when Google launched a new app called Field Trip for Android devices. The location-based discovery app is now available on iOS devices (iPhone and iPod Touch only). From the looks of it, there doesn't appear to be any new features that have launched, but iOS will now be able to have their own little virtual tour guide in their pocket.

As with the Android version, the Field Trip app for iOS is free to download, and it works as a virtual tour guide of sorts, automatically providing you with information of a particular point of interest that you come across. It can be great if you're traveling and doing a little bit of sightseeing in a historical city.

The information that the app provides ranges from historical facts about a location to reviews of nearby restaurants. And similar to Google Now, Field Trip relies on your location to give you the most relevant and useful information. Essentially, you could think of that app as a sort of extension of Google Now, only it feeds you information automatically instead of having to ask for it first.

It's not unusual for Google to wait a few months before releasing an app on iOS. Obviously, Android is Google's baby, so the company usually releases new apps on their own platform before bringing them over to Android, contrary to what most app developers have been doing. Either way, Field Trip is now available on both platforms and is ready for your traveling needs.