Google's cloud music service now available on iOS

The Google Music service that launched back at Google I/O will now work on iOS devices, including both iPhones and iPads. The service has generated very little buzz since its inception and still remains in a private beta stage. However, the service had been rumored for months before its launch and is Google's first major attempt to rival Amazon's Cloud Player and Apple's iTunes with iCloud.

Google struggled with securing licensing deals with major record label companies, causing several delays, and ultimately decided to launch it without much music industry support. Hence, Google Music operates similar to Amazon's Cloud Player as a digital locker for mp3s rather than a fully integrated music sales and streaming service. It is still in a fairly limited invitation-only beta.

And although the service now works on iOS devices, it is accessed through a redesigned web site rather than a native app. It does allow it to work on both iPhones and iPads, whereas Amazon's CloudPlayer only works on iPads. But with the recent fanfare around music streaming services like Spotify plus Apple's imminent launch of the iCloud, it will certainly be a tough road ahead for Google Music.

[via AllThingsD]