Google Music Beta account holders get two invites each

If Google didn't see fit to bless you with an invite to the launch of its Google Music Beta program you may have felt slighted. You may even know someone that got into the beta round and been more than a little jealous. I hope that jealousy didn't turn into some sort of bitter feud though considering the announcement that Google has now made.

Each of the people that got into the launch of Google Music Beta now has two invites that they can bestow upon their besties. If you are one of those besties this may be one of your last chances to get in until the service leaves beta. If you managed to completely miss the launch of the service back in May, Google music is sort of a cloud storage place for the music you already own.

You take your library and upload it and then you can stream it back to your computer at home, the office, or wherever you may be. There is also an Android app that you can put on your smartphone that will let you stream your tunage to your smartphone. If you have a bunch of music and can't fit it all on your mobile, this might be the perfect service.

[via Android Community]