Google X Nano Pill will seek cancer cells in your body

Google's moonshot group Google X is working on a pill that, when swallowed, will seek out cancer cells in your body. It'll seek out all sorts of diseases, in fact, pushing the envelope when it comes to finding and destroying diseases at their earliest stages of development. This system would face "a much higher regulatory bar than conventional diagnostic tools," so says Chad A. Mirkin, director of the International Institute for Nanotechnology at Northwestern University.

Word comes from the Wall Street Journal where they've got Andrew Conrad, head of the Life Sciences team at the Google X research lab speaking during their WSDJ Live conference. This system is called "The Nano Particle Platform," and it aims to "functionalize Nano Particles, to make them do what we want."

According to Conrad, Google X is working on two separate devices, more than likely. The first is the pill which contains their smart nanoparticles. The second is a wearable device that attracts the particles so that they might be counted.

"Our dream" said Conrad, is that "every test you ever go to the doctor for will be done through this system."

Sound like a good idea to you?