Google Wifi router detailed as daisy-chain mesh machine

A rumor has surfaced about the next device in Google's oncoming collection of Pixel and Pixel-friendly machines. This one goes by the name Google Wifi, and it'll be a Wi-fi router the likes of which we've sort-of seen before. Google's released what we might classify as a test run of this device before in the Google OnHub for Google On and Google Home. Now it would appear that the device – or something very similar – will do something ever-so-slightly different and will cost a bit less.

The most interesting detail on this router isn't its price point. It's the ability to link multiple units together, wirelessly, to make one's own Wi-Fi network bigger. Our entire mega-mansion can have Wi-fi now, wowie!

This would potentially be great for people who live in especially long apartments and/or very old living units with lead-filled walls (or what seem to be lead-filled walls because of lack of connectivity between rooms.

ABOVE: Illustration is not necessarily indicative of final product.

Whether or not users will want to own both an OnHub and a Google Wifi isn't yet entirely clear. According to Android Police, the Google Wifi will be appearing on the 4th of October right alongside the rest of the big hardware-day event devices Google is set to unveil.

That makes two Google Pixel phones, a Wi-fi router, a new Chromecast device, and the entire Google Home network. This sounds more like a major event in Google's history each new device and/or service that pops up.

Have a peek at our very recent look at how Google's next move could be industry-changing. Android fans everywhere seem to be crossing their fingers that Google finally buckles down and creates their own devices to compete on an iPhone-like level, making the software universe far more cohesive. What do you think about that, developers and readers?