Google "What Do You Love?" Launches At

A new Google search portal has been discovered ahead of its official launch, with "What do you love?" offering an aggregated selection of results and services based on a single search term. Currently found at, the new site pulls in news, books, shopping, photos, search and other results, as well as links to Google's services like Picasa and Blogger.

Google is yet to publicly announce, though we're guessing that will happen later on today. Its usefulness varies greatly on the sort of search term you put in – while a query for SlashGear pulled up images and news from the site, as well as the ability to translate it, the patent and shopping sections were less applicable. Other searches proved patchy – looking for the Samsung Galaxy S II pulled up recent news and photos of the phone, but nothing in the product search shopping section.

Still, it's likely that Google will refine that over time, and we're seeing this more as a way to educate people on the search giant's various – and often unknown – services like SketchUp and Moderator. Let us know how you get on – and whether you think is something you'd use regularly – in the comments.

[via TechCrunch]