Google wants election ads on all of your devices

The folks behind Google's advertising initiatives have released a program called "Four Screens to Victory" encouraging political campaigns to work with all devices, not just the television. The outline of this program includes statistics such as 14.7 sources of information being used per voter to get all manner of voting knowledge. With Google's push here, you'll soon not be wanting for an advertisement for President on not just your TV, but your tablet, smartphone, and laptop as well.

With Google's Four Screen ad campaign initiative here, they're saying that they've driven 48% more effectiveness than TV only campaigns. In addition, this Four Screen campaign situation is being shown as 77% more effective in driving campaign engagement. With numbers like that, it'll be difficult not to turn back ad managers for all major parties looking to push for this election season.

"Voters use an average of 14.7 sources of information to help make their candidate selection and are connected to multiple devices throughout the day (Google/Shopper Sciences, 2011). Whether your goal is a seat on the town council, building up support for your chosen issue, or the White House, integrated marketing efforts must engage voters across four screens: television, computers, tablets and mobile phones." – Google

Google's collected statistics include a researched 28 percent of adults across the USA using YouTube and similar sites daily. Also included in this lovely set of factoids is 68 percent of voters using the Internet as their primary source of information on issues and candidates in an election season.

In other words, expect to see quite a few more political advertisements on all screens over the next few months – quite a few more indeed.