Google Wallet NFC Payment System Launches Tomorrow

Our pals over at This is My Next have received word via The Container Store that Google Wallet will be the announcement coming up tomorrow in New York, and that it will very likely be the NFC announcement we've been guessing at. This event will be announcing a "contactless" payment system via payment through a mobile device. This will almost certainly be through the Nexus S, Google's latest hero phone, and it'll more than likely be in collaboration with Sprint, the carrier who's most recently gotten the phone on their network.

The text you see above comes from The Container Store, they sort of alluding to the idea that they're amongst more than just themselves in a group of partners all taking part of this announcement. The name of Google's initiative definitely appears to be "Google Wallet," a rather snappy name if I do say so myself, and the date September 1st has been tossed out. That might be a date for Google Wallet or it might be a date regarding something inside The Container Store.

And what is all this NFC stuff about? Why don't you check out Chris Davies very recent post on how a very similar system working on Euro carrier Orange is working out – Orange NFC Payments Hands-On. Of course also note that we'll be covering this event live tomorrow at 11:00 AM Central time – we and our best pals at Android Community will be there!

[via This is My Next]