Google Wallet for iOS updated with quick & easy money transfers

The Google Wallet app for iOS has received a substantial update this week, introducing not only a refreshed UI design, but also the ability to make peer-to-peer payments to "anyone in the US with an email address," as Google puts it. Accompanying the release of Android Pay earlier this month, the same features were added to Google Wallet for Android devices. The new version of the iOS app is available now on the App Store.

The money transfer feature lets users send and request funds from others, all that is needed is their email address, the other party isn't even required to have the Google Wallet app installed on their device.

Once they've got money in their Wallet, users have several choices on how to use it. They can request a Google Wallet Card that can be used for in-store purchases or ATM withdrawals, or they can choose to have the money transferred to their own debit card or a connected bank account.

There is one thing that Google has removed from the Wallet app, and that's support for third-party loyalty programs and gift cards. But to make up for it, there's now an option to easily split a bill among several people, perfect for when friends dine out together.

SOURCE Google Wallet (App Store)