Google Valentine’s Day doodle features “This American Life”

Chris Davies - Feb 14, 2014
Google Valentine’s Day doodle features “This American Life”

Google is ushering in Valentine’s Day 2014 with another of its interactive doodles, having partnered with This American Life to bring true stories of love and relationships to its homescreen. The animated Google logo quickly flips over into a row of Love Heart sweets, each of which represents a different audio clip of “a true story of love” from “real people” around different themes like “crush” and “Mr. Right”.

“For Valentine’s Day,” This American Life host Ira Glass explains in voiceover, “as people everywhere search for love – something a search engine may not be the ideal tool for – each of these candy hearts brings you a true story of love.”

However, it’s not the only Valentine’s themed feature Google is offering today. The search engine is also partnering with Disney on its Blank Vinylmation, an animated short that was released on Google Play earlier this week.


The tool allows you to pick a frame from the romance-themed mini-feature and send it to someone special (or, alternatively, someone not so special that you’d presumably like to confuse), complete with a message. It might not get you out of the doghouse if you forgot a “proper” card, mind.

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