Disney Google Play exclusive Mickey take takes on “Vinylmation”

Chris Burns - Feb 7, 2014
Disney Google Play exclusive Mickey take takes on “Vinylmation”

There’s a kind of stop-motion animation* called “vinylmation” right this minute, if you did not know, using vinyl toys as the models and just as simple a stop-motion technique as you like. While we’ve seen everything from Ninja Turtle Legos to Star Wars figures snapped in this bit of creational sway, today Disney lets loose a trailer for a short called “Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story” featuring a couple of rather plain-looking mice.

This title will be released through Disney to Google Play starting on the 10th of February. At the moment they’re suggesting that it’ll be an “epic adventure love story” and that it’ll be available exclusively through Google Play.

*Also of note – and much more to the tune Disney is aiming for – is the fact that they’ve got a toy collection called Vinylmation. These toys look like what you’re seeing in the movie here and are available in a massive variety of sizes and shapes from Disney. They’re all made of vinyl and take part in the Urban Vinyl movement we most recently chatted about when we were at CES 2014 with Samsung.


Samsung surprised us with a few massive KidRobot creations from artists like Buff Monster, also encouraging paint to be spilled (creatively) on a variety of mobile devices as well.


In other words, it would appear that the vinyl toy universe is far from fading – and Android is right here along for the ride.

UPDATE: It would appear that MakerBot is here with contributions as well: “Watch Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story on Google Play from February 10 – 23 and see if you can spot the MakerBot-made train and crane.”

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