Google unleashes Chrome Dev channel on Android

Like a fast growing tree, web browsers like Firefox and Chrome follow separate branches of development, released at different points in time to cater to different classes of users. At the most basic, you have stable branch for fully tested versions, a beta for those still in testing, and a development release for the latest and greatest, even if it means less testing. It's that last part that Google is finally allowing users to enjoy on Android, releasing the Chrome Dev channel for the mobile browser.

Live on the cutting edge! That seems to be Google's battle cry for this release. It's always fun, especially for browsing addicts, to get the most up to date features, not to mention bug fixes. However, that does come with a price. That cutting edge could very well wound you, which might be a disaster for the very same people who live, and die, by their web browsers.

Nonetheless, Google is releasing Chrome Dev to allow users not just to enjoy the bleeding edge but also to provide crucial feedback to the development of the browser. Users of this version will be the very first victims, er, brave souls testing new features and fixes that might actually break other things in the process. It is, of course, Google's hope that these users will help make the browser better for other, less adventurous Chrome users.

Mozilla has long provided its developer edition of Firefox, codenamed Aurora, as a downloadable APK. Google is doing the same but making it much easier by actually letting users get it directly from Google Play Store instead. You can even install Chrome Dev alongside other versions of Chrome and can even have all three installed at the same time. For testing purposes, of course.