Google TV Could be Samsung's Next Big TV Feature

Google's one of those companies that, when they get on a roll, they don't stop. Whether or not you consider Google Buzz a good starting point or not, they're not slowing down with announcing new things. When Google TV was brought to our attention, we were curious as to see how Google's Android mobile Operating System would do powering a TV's features, along with set-top boxes. Well, we found out thanks to People of Lava a few weeks later, and while it looks great, we're interested to see what a company like Samsung can do (considering Panasonic is out) with the technology.

At least, we can dream. An unnamed Samsung executive, speaking to the Korean Herald, confirmed that the company is indeed "looking into the feasibility" of an Android-based TV. We can't be sure, but we'd be willing to bet that since Sony is amped on the possibilities, that Samsung feels like they shouldn't miss out. Though, the curious part comes in the fact that Samsung unveiled Samsung Apps at this year's CES, which is basically the same idea as Google's Marketplace: create a pool of applications, and access them through the TV. And, while we know that Samsung won't give up on their proprietary software (you know, like TouchWiz for phones), Samsung must think that, at least a little bit, there could be some extra revenue brought in by offering Google TVs.

We can't see Google launching Google TV with just a sparse amount of partners, and even if Panasonic did decide to drop out, if Samsung agrees to jump on board the initiative, others will probably join in the fun, too. Then again, just like the People of Lava did, these other companies could just do it on their own. Things will probably continue to get interesting up until the official launch of Google TV, so stay tuned. No pun intended.

[via Samsung Hub]