Google Trends shows the most misspelled word in each state

We all have a special word or two that never looks quite right, that you have to stop and think about for a moment or two, that you may second guess yourself over. If you're like me, you fire up Google and type the world out quickly to see whether you were right. According to Google, a bunch of people search for "how to spell" followed by a word, and it has used Trends to group the queries by state.

Some states struggle with the same word — California, Idaho, and a couple others most commonly asked how to spell "desert" this year, while Montana, Maine and another struggled over Vacuum, Oklahoma and Michigan (should be ashamed of) not knowing how to spell "Gray," and there are some more flummoxing words like "pneumonia" and "leprechaun" on the list.

While some states share the same word, a bunch of states stand alone in their confusion. Ohio, for example, is the only state that most commonly searched how to spell "banana." Florida was alone in its confusion over "tomorrow." Attitude, broccoli, sergeant, courtesy, ornery, february, croissant, and giraffe also make the list as one-state searches.

It's another fun glimpse into populations from Google's Trend website, which received a new home page and some new features last summer. Most recently, Google has been offering up a ton of data through Trends on politics, including a sudden spike in searches about how to move to Canada.