Google Translate Star Wars update: working with Aurebesh

What you might know as the Alphabet in English is known as the Aurebesh – also correct as just "Aurebesh" in Star Wars. This set of letters works much like a standard 1:1 code, where each letter of our Alphabet has its own unique character in the Aurebesh. There are also characters for basic punctuation and the numbers 1 through 9 and zero, too. Today, Google provides all of you Star Wars scene code-crackers with a helpful tool – Google Translate. Actually an update of that tool, as it were.

The updates to Google products continues. Google revealed this week that they'd be updating a number of apps to include Star Wars fanfare – the most recent of which is an update to Google Translate. Google Star Wars poll: are you light side or dark?

At this time, it seems likely that most of the Star Wars updates to Google products will expire on February 8th. That's what Google says, anyway. If we had a choice of which product would continue to utilize the work Google put into it for this unique expedition, it'd be this one.

Please Google, don't let this language just die! Make it a download! Make it continue to be available into the future!