Google text-to-speech app hits Google Play Store

Google uploaded a new application to the Google Play store today. The application is Google's Text-to-Speech engine and by uploading it as an independent app to the Google Play store, it gives the search giant some flexibility in how it updates the TTS engine. Several of the smartphones on the market today have their own TTS engines.

However, some prefer to use Google's offerings and Google often updates its products with more regularity than manufacturers upgrade theirs. The Google TTS app powers applications that are able to read text on the user screen out loud. Some uses for the TTS that include reading books out loud purchased from Google Play Books.

The application also enables Google Translate to speak translations allowing users to hear how a word is pronounced. The application also allows TalkBack and other accessibility applications for spoken feedback to operate.

The application supports English in UK and US versions, French, German, Italian, Korean, and Spanish. Any Android user can enable the Google TTS engine on their Android device through the settings menu. The app is 9.9 MB in size and requires Android 4.0.3 or higher.

SOURCE: Android Community