Google teases VR bowling, Daydream puzzle

This morning the folks at Google's Daydream Labs have revealed two new VR experiences that may one day make their way to mobile. While previous teasers that've been released in this way have been centered on an HTC Vive demo experience, it's easy to see how one might end up using the Daydream controller to make these games a reality for mobile devices. For now, we can giggle and cross our fingers.

The first demonstration you're going to see is the latest App Experiment from Daydream Labs. You'll find "copresence" a factor here, described by Daydream Labs as "a multiplier that can amplify the immersion in just about any VR experience." In this case, it's all about a new generation in remote-controlled bowling action.

This isn't just the bowling you're used to, what with the rolling of the ball down the lane and whatnot. This is bowling on a plane – a flat plane, on a grid – moving through space with your controller. You'll see the person to your left controlling the ball while you wait your turn to go.

The next bit is another Daydream Experiment – this time with two new controllers – or what might appear to be PSVR controllers. But they're not. Instead, due to the palm grip buttons on their sides, they're simply HTC Vive controllers with different virtual shapes.

Above you're seeing a Puzzle demo. This sort of construction should be relatively easy to reconstruct in VR – picking up and placing on a grid.

Again – flat activities in a VR 3D universe – better than you'll expect it'll be. See our early look at the app Kingspray Graffiti Simulator to see what's next.

Also have a peek at the Daydream timeline below. Google's next initiative for Virtual Reality has to do with your smartphone – but it'll be a bit better than what you've used thus far (Cardboard, most likely) and far more akin to the experience you may have had with the Samsung Gear VR.

A couple extra demos from a few weeks ago – above you'll see Drum Keys. Below you'll see Slides and Ladders.

Finally you'll see a Real-Time Acoustic Environment simulation.

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