Google talking with Warby Parker to make Glass stylish, sources say

While one can be forgiving towards the looks of many personal devices, the same can't be said for Google's Glass, a wearable device that is front and center on one's face for all to see. To ensure Glass is something users will be okay putting on their face, Google has entered into talks with Warby Parker to develop stylish frames, two sources told The New York Times.

According to the sources, both of whom are unnamed but said to be aware of the situation, say that Google is in negotiations with the company. The Glass frames are without lenses, although the company is reportedly looking into a variety that have tinted lenses for outdoor use. Google is said to have made both the device's style and its comfort one of its focuses.

Earlier today, Google released a video showing off how Glass will work in a first-person-perspective video, which you can check out here. The device promises to be an ever-present, mostly hands-off supplement to your smartphone, offering a tiny display for your eye only that provides such things as the weather and Google search, as well as the ability to perform functions using voice commands, such as recording video.

Likewise, Google is now running its #ifihadglass campaign, offering more individuals the chance to score a pair of Glass. 8,000 people will be selected to based on a variety of standards, such as the creativity of the idea they submit on how Glass can be used, as well as the social impact they'll provide by owning one themselves. Each person can submit three applications by Feb. 27, which will be judged by Google.

[via New York Times]