Google Street View visits Top Gear test track, Stig in tow

There's a show on television called Top Gear, one in which they investigate and race and test loads of high-powered vehicles of all types. Google found themselves in a situation where they were allowed to head to the official test track for Top Gear this year, recording their visit in a rather unique way – with a Google Street View vehicle. Here you'll see the results both from within and and outside the vehicle as it moves at a reasonable pace around the track.

While Google's vehicle moved around the track at a pace that would allow them to capture the whole lot with the camera they had propped above, Top Gear's "Stig" raced a car around the track in order to appear in the photos being taken. The vehicle the Stig has decided to take around the track is a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, if you'd like to know.

The Dunsfold Aerodrome is another name for the track these vehicles are rolling around, and you'll now be able to partake in the Street View results with just a few taps. In the screenshots you see below, the Mercedes Benz vehicle appears sometimes perfectly in-frame, and other times completely out of view.

Meanwhile this collection of shots from the Street View journey around the Top Gear track you're about to take shows off how Google continues to erase themselves intelligently. Good luck finding the vehicle that's taking the photos, that is, as Google cuts and pastes the road around the vehicle into the bottom of the frame at every turn. It's a simple job, and Google has volunteered to do it.