Google Street View now lets you enter virtual reality

With the help of Google Cardboard, iOS and Android users will soon be entering the virtual reality realm with Street View. Recently split off from Google Maps as its own unique entity, Street View version 2.0 now works with Google Cardboard support. This means that when you tap the Cardboard icon when your device is in landscape mode, the screen will be split in two and adapted to allow you to see in a manner which suits your two unique eyes with two slightly different views.

This is not the first time we've entered virtual reality with Google Street View – not by a long shot. Instead, it's just the first time we've been able to get there straight through the Google Street View app. Before it was with Google Maps that we needed to tap through a few extra steps along the way.

As such, we've got a few examples of places you might want to visit when you open Street View with your Google Cardboard viewer in the near future. Have a peek at our featured Places to View with Google Cardboard article to see a recent rundown.

This newest version of Street View is ever-so-slightly different from the original Easter Egg implementation of Cardboard compatibility in Google Maps, but the concept is the same. Have a peek at an early version of this feature below:

Let us know if you find anywhere interesting to visit in Street View once you see the update in your Google Play app updates window. You can also head to APK mirror at your own risk to download and load this app for Android – have at it!