Google Stars detailed in dogfood session

This year Google will introduce a system tentatively called "Stars." This system will organize your media. It's organized in its most basic terms into Images, Webpages, and Videos, and it'll all be based on a tiny Star graphic in the right-hand side of your Chrome web browser's address bar.

Go anywhere on the web – in Google Chrome, the web browser – and hit the star on the far right of the address bar. From there, Google will save said piece of the internet for your later browsing.

You can make folders of your own, you can view all of your content at once, and you create filters. The entire setup looks extremely simple – like Google Drive, but until you start to fill "Stars" up, it's barren.

The video you're about to see was captured by Florian Kiersch. You'll remember Mr. Kiersch from his earlier discovery of Google Stars – we had a chat with Kiersch about Google Stars this April.

Inside the folders you make, you can organize your Starred media however you like. Once you've made a folder, you can make said folder public – it's not yet know whether you'll be able to hot-link to images and video at this time, or if Google will be monetizing said folders.

Each folder will have a Name and a Description, and you'll be able to make folders within folders. Each folder can be tapped as Public or Private at the moment of its creation.

This entire system will be drag-and-drop friendly and will be searchable as well. If it looks too simple to you, you may have to wait until Google – and SlashGear, of course – provide some use-case scenarios later this year. Stick around for Google I/O 2014 where we see a whole lot more!

VIA: Florian Kiersch