Google Stadia is getting two space-faring puzzle games

In recent weeks, Google has been announcing new games for Stadia at a decent clip, and today it revealed two more. There's a bit of a theme to this pair of upcoming games, with Google revealing that Relicta and The Turing Test are headed to Stadia in the near future. In both cases, players will be dropped in space and tasked with solving puzzles.Relicta is a first-person puzzle game that has you exploring an abandoned Moon base and solving physics-based puzzles using gravity and magnetism. Relicta actually hasn't released on other platforms yet, and in its blog post today, Google doesn't say if it will launch on Stadia at the same time it releases on other stores like Steam.

The Turing Test is certainly more well-known among puzzle fans, given the fact that it launched on Steam back in 2016. In The Turing Test, you'll be exploring Europa, one of Jupiter's moons, as you search for clues behind the disappearance of a crew that was stationed there. You'll be outfitted with an Energy Manipulation Tool to help you solve puzzles, which will allow you to move energy between machines.

Unfortunately, Google didn't give release dates for either Relicta or The Turing Test today. That isn't very surprising in the case of Relicta since that doesn't have a release date in general at the moment, but regardless, Google has made a habit of revealing games that are on the way to Stadia without actually talking release dates.

Just recently, Google started rolling out captures support for web to some users, allowing them to manage their screenshots and video clips through a browser instead of the Stadia app. That was quickly followed by an update allowing 4K gameplay through browsers, so Google has definitely been building out Stadia's feature set lately. We'll let you know when the company announces release dates for these two games, so stay tuned for more.