Google Stadia 4K streaming in web browsers and a Review Update

Today we're taking a peek at the newly-released 4K capabilities of Google Stadia in web browsers – and updating you on our ever-evolving review process with the service. It's a slightly less straightforward process, reviewing a service instead of a piece of hardware. Instead of judging the device on its hard-and-fast qualities, we've got to watch what happens with the software over time. As such, and as we're seeing here with Stadia, things can actually get quite a bit better.

Google Stadia's bringing 4K quality to the mix at last. Not that it made one massive amount of difference for gameplay for the few games we've been playing in the first few weeks of service, here, but the ability to stream highest-quality gameplay on a 4k display is what Google promised, so we're glad to see that it's really, truly, here in full effect.

Gamers will see their 4K status (if it exists) in the Connection menu in Stadia in their Chrome web browser on a desktop machine. To see this menu, press both TAB and SHIFT at the same time, then tap CONNECTION.

If yo're not getting 4K quality picture, you may need to go back to your Stadia app on your Android device. This app has the settings you'll need to make it all happen on any device on which you'll play.

Inside the app, tap your user image in the upper right-hand corner, then tap "Data usage & performance", and you'll get to a screen where you'll want to select "Best visual quality." And you should be ready to roll, assuming you'be got an idea internet connectivity situation – that's a must!

At this time in our Google Stadia Review, I only wish I could play Titanfall – if I could, Stadia would be pretty much ideal. The same goes for the original Tony Hawk: Pro Skater. I guess what I'm saying is that I wish Stadia was set up to allow me to play the games I used to play several years ago.. or decades ago. We're not quite there yet – maybe someday!