Google Spotlight Stories app debuts on iOS

Google has had an app for Android users called Spotlight Stories that allows the user to watch short 360-degree animated films that landed in 2013. The app was originally developed for Motorola users before Google purchased Motorola back in 2011. iOS users that like short animated films can now get the app for their iPhone or iPad.

The app offers short films that users can enjoy made using 3D and 2D animations and 360-degree spherical video that promises cinema quality. Videos also offer sound sphere audio and sensor fusion technology. That is a fancy way of saying that while you are watching the videos you can rotate the view of the camera by moving your body and the phone or tablet to see what's going on in other parts of the video.

To pull that feat off the app uses the sensors inside the user device like the gyroscope and accelerometer. Users can't use the app to make their own short movies. Apparently, you have to be invited to make a film or be a big time moviemaker to get the privilege.

For instance, one of the first films that was offered on the app was called "Windy Days" and was offered by ex-Pixar moviemakers. That film and all other content made for the Android app is now available for iOS users to check out. The app is on iTunes now and requires iOS 8.0 or higher.

SOURCE: Techcrunch