Google smartwatch production talks underway with Asian suppliers

There has been a lot of hubbub centering on smartwatches recently. Rumors continue to insist that Apple will be stepping into the market and Samsung has launched its Galaxy Gear smartwatch, which has proven to be rather unpopular. Rumors began to suggest back in March that Google was working on its own smartwatch.

Reports have now surfaced that Google's smartwatch is in late stage development and the company is currently holding talks with Asian suppliers begin mass production. The rumor originates with people who claim to be familiar with Google's plans. The Google smartwatch is said to run the Android operating system and feature tight integration with Google Now.

Google Now is rather like Apple's Siri voice assistant and will be able to make recommendations and predict information users might need based on what the user is doing. The sources indicate that Google has been working hard to reduce power consumption so its smartwatch can run longer per charge. The smartwatch will be able to communicate with other devices such as smartphones and tablets.

That communication capability will give the smartwatch access to information such as travel schedules from e-mail and more. The source indicates that Google smartwatch could be ready for mass production within months. Details on hardware and pricing are unknown at this time. Check out our review of the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.