Google Sends Out Holiday Media Party Invites To Publishers

Oh hooray! Drinks and hearty appetizers will be served? I love it! But wait a second, does it say what I think it says? "You are invited to an evening of informal (and off the record) conviviality with our Communications staff and key Googlers." Could this mean they're giving out super secrets we're just supposed to keep to ourselves?! Or maybe it's just a fun night to hang out and get friendly. Either way, super exciting, and soon! December 13th, 2010.

Looks like it'll be an evening event, three hours long, and right up over there in Mountain View California. Look at that nice chandelier! I bet it'll be just such a nice night of warmth and hugs and super secrets. Keep your eyes peeled for more info (if we're allowed to speak!) Maybe they'll have some Gingerbread cookies, if you know what I mean.