Google Search now has song lyrics via Play Music

If you've ever wondered what was actually said in a sing, Google can now help you figure it all out. Google has baked song lyrics into search via knowledge graph, so you'll be able to search for those mysterious song lyrics all on your own without the embarrassment of asking a friend. Or singing the wrong lyrics out loud when you're alone in your car. In an effort to drive more people to Play Music, Google offers to take you there for the full lyrical breakout.

As you can see, we've been having some fun with song lyric search. Turns out, Eddie Vedder really was saying words in Yellow Ledbetter. Who knew (not us)?

Knowledge Graph is what makes Google Search so handy, offering up the quick hits of info you typically find when searching for something topical. It's here where the lyrics come from, and they seem to pull from Play Music, but it's not clear where the lyrics come from originally.

Not all songs show up, though. For instance, Play Music doesn't officially have The Beatles catalog, and a search for 'Love Me Do Lyrics' brought nothing save for some YouTube videos.

It's not the first time Search and song lyrics have been joined at the hip. Earlier this year, song lyric repository Rap Genius (now just Genius) was downgraded by Google for suspect SEO tactics. Though it didn't feed into Knowledge Graph, Genius was the best option ahead of this new feature from Google.